Acts 7:56 in arabic: فَقَالَ: «هَا أنَا أرَى السَّمَاءَ مَفتُوحَةً وَابْنَ الإنْسَانِ وَاقِفًا عَنْ يَمِينِ اللهِ.»

I have a dear sister in Christ. She is a new believer. She and her family live in North Africa, and by Zoom, we meet every Thursday for discipleship. We usually read a chapter in the bible, talk about it, then pray together. Our meetings are simple, but profound for us both.
Today, She told me that her extended family is actively persecuting her for her Christian faith. Today, after she shared this, we were already scheduled to read Acts 7 together. Acts 7:56 talks of the moment, during Stephen’s stoning, that he saw the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.
Philippians 3 talks about how Jesus is the goal. He is the prize of our faith. Would you pray for her and her family? Pray for their faith to remain strong, regardless of the attack.

Emily Jerome
TESOL & ESL Director
Instagram: @tesol_esl_ywamboston