From Pastor Steve’s Study:

It is one of those times when I need to express my deep gratitude for the Lord’s grace and for how He has demonstrated that grace through you.  Coming out of such an unusual and challenging time as we have faced in the last few months, we are probably healthier as a church than we have ever been. 

These are a few reasons for thanksgiving that come to mind:

  • A spirit of unity that is almost palatable as we prepare to make the move in September
  • A wonderful and encouraging response about the move from so many  
  • The sovereignty of God’s provision as He has opened the door for us at Temple Shalom at just the right time.
  • The wisdom, input and commitment of CCV Team Leaders in working together to put all of this in place
  • Though we have been separated by the pandemic, CCV’s financial health continues progressing as the CCV Family invests in the future
  • Joy in coming back together, and having new folks coming as well
  • The outpouring of God’s Spirit with a growing expectation of what is to come

Thank you for being such an important part of what God is doing.  The best really is yet to come, in Jesus’ Name!

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