Update for Janice

Dear Friends and Family,

Hello from Budapest! I want to warmly thank all of you who have donated towards the refugee work here and the notes of encouragement you have sent! There are still many refugees here in the city but not very many new ones coming in. Please know that we have been able to take at least a dozen trips into Ukraine to bring aid and much needed supplies, especially in late March and all of April.

Every Thursday we host a free lunch for Ukrainians in the city where they can connect with other Ukrainians over a lovely meal. We also have made a room called the “Boutique” where they can come and pick out things that they need (toothpaste, soap, towels, etc. as well as lightly used clothes for adults and children) which has also been a blessing for them. We have enjoyed getting to know so many of these and being able to help with medical needs, doctor visits, visa, etc. Thank you so much!!

Last month I was able to join a very sweet Ukrainian mom and her two children for Easter with friends from another team. We were able to give toys to the children, Anja 7 and Max 10. In Hungary, Ukrainians are allowed to stay in country until it is safe to return to their cities. Most of those wanting to take refuge in other countries have left already and the ones who stay are waiting to go back to their husbands when they are allowed. Please pray for Olga, her children and all the moms with children here in Budapest who miss their homes, their husbands, and are struggling to make life work here among foreigners with no income and few clothes and necessities. What an honor it is to partner with you and serve these young families!

Aside from the refugee work, I have been able to travel to a few neighboring countries to continue work. Those of us on the Central European MC team are just now starting to get calls from YWAM workers who are exhausted or weary from the refugee work at their own bases, especially those in Poland and Romania.

Here are a few personal prayer points that I would like to pass on:

· I need to move before September as this place will no longer be available.

· Next week I am part of a MC training in a nearby city.

· Favor for a renewed visa which I am currently working on.


Thank you all so very much for your help in the work here! As you have blessed me, I have been able to bless so many others! I hope you are doing well and please let me know what is new on your end. Missing you all!

Much love,


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