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Esther House – Judi Courter, Director

A twelve-month Christ-centered residential reentry program for adult women released from incarceration seeking to change their life for good.



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Operation Bless Wildwood (OBW) – Orinda Ward

Operation Bless Wildwood is a loose-knit organization that consists of local residents, pastors (including Pastor Steve), businesses and community leaders with one purpose: to bless Wildwood schools. OBW are all volunteers, which means that 100% of all donations are invested back into various projects.  Don and Carol Mordas have attended the school for mentoring.  CCV also financially supports one of the fourth-grade classes.

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Arise Women’s Ministry:


“Now will I arise,” says the Lord.    “Now will I be exalted;    now will I be lifted up.”
Isaiah 33:10

At Calvary Chapel Villages, Arise Women’s Ministry desires to exalt and lift up the Lord, our God. As He guides, we will teach and proclaim His word, break bread with one another as sisters, and assist Him in tending His flock.

Join us for:
Bible Study
For places and times, refer to the Event’s Calendar

Patti DeGroot

Care Team 

Headed by Peter Pecoraro, the Care Team Ministry is in place to assist those in our congregation that have almost any kind of need. Our goal is to be a blessing providing assistance through prayer, physical labor, fellowship, visitation, meals or benevolence.


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