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Prayer Service Wednesday Night

Property Team Update

Easter at CCV

  • Good Friday Service
  • Baptisms Easter Sunday
  • Home Fellowship Feasts Sign Up

From Pastor Steve’s Study

You have no idea how blessed I was yesterday when so many of you raised your hands when I asked, “How many of you believe you are called to preach the gospel.”  You get it!!!  You really do!!!  Few things bring greater joy to a pastor’s heart!!!

We have been given a great privilege to “gladly announce the good news.”  Here are some thoughts to ponder this week.

  1. Do you have a mindset to bless others in every situation with good news?
  2. Do you keep your eyes open for God-given opportunities?
  3. Will you plant seeds of blessing and truth even when you don’t have time to tell the whole story?
  4. Will you pray about how to be more effective in sharing your testimony and telling others how Jesus has changed your life?

 This Week’s Reminders:

Women’s Ministry “Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You”
Meets 1:00 – 2:30
§ Orinda Ward’s Home
· 2307 Nehaul Terr / Village of Hadley
· 352.633.5027 (Home) / 609.501.6136 (Cell)

Prayer Service with Pastor Steve
6:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary
Join our pastor for prayer 


Parking:  The Parking Team is requesting that everyone park in the large lot to the rear of our building. Except for handicap, please do not park in front lot.  Late arrivals will be directed to enter the sanctuary from the front pool-side entrance. Signs will direct you via a covered entranceway.

Seating:  Please note that our sanctuary facilitates a warmer section (left, facing front) and a cooler section (right, facing front)

  • 9:00:         Pre-Service Coffee
      • Join us in the Fellowship Room for a special time of meeting, greeting, and snacks before morning services

  • 9:30:         Pre-service Prayer in the Church Office
  • 9:50:         Quiet Time Before Service in The Sanctuary
      • Announcements on the screen
  • 10:00:       Worship Service
      • Elders and wives at the front for individual prayer following the service

Looking Ahead:

  • Thursday, April 18th @ 11:30

The women of Calvary Chapel Villages love “sharing life” together. We are meeting for lunch at Continental Country Club located at 50 Continental Blvd, Highway 44 East in Wildwood. Continental has a large dining room, great food and good prices. You can check out the menu at  Please sign up at the Info Desk or just show up. You are welcome to bring your friends too! Hope you can make it!.


  • April 19th Good Friday Service @ 6:00
  • Sunday, April 21st – Easter Baptisms after Service
  • Sunday, April 21st – Fellowship Home Feasts
    • Sign up at the Info Table if you would like to enjoy an Easter meal around the table with CCV friends.
    • Host Homes needed (Host determines the time and meal (potluck, etc.))

Important Announcement from CCV Property Team

Gene Tonn, Glenn Berkhahn and Bill Salerno updated the congregation that there will not be an extension of our lease at the September 2020 expiration. Financially, we do not have the resources or time to acquire property and build our own facility at this time.

Please make this a matter of individual prayer. Keep your eyes and ears open for any facility that might be a good fit for our services. Let any elder or member of the property team know if you become aware of opportunities that should be checked out.

Prayer Needs

  • Prayers for Jenni
  • Let’s continue our encouragement of Jenni by remembering her with a card.  Jenni and her family were so impacted by receiving a package full of cards of well-wishes and prayers from their CCV family.

Mary Barber will be collecting our cards and send them off in the next week or two.  You can bring them to prayer night on Wednesday or to the worship service on Sunday.

Praise the Lord and all glory to Him for all He is doing in and through Jenni!!!  We stand in awe!!!

  • If you have any praise reports or prayer requests, please let Paul know or just hit “Reply” to this email.
    • 352-461-9288
    • If you would like to be added to the email prayer request list, let Paul know

CARE Ministry:

  • Peter Pecoraro leads the CCV CARE Ministry. As our church is experiencing growth, the physical needs within our body are the highest priority in serving one another in times of sickness, loss of loved ones, and practical needs. The following people have stepped forward and are serving over six areas as follows:
  • Bereavement / Don and Carol Mordas
  • Visitation / Ollie and Carol Howell
  • Meals / Marjie Setser
  • Prayer / Paul and Karen Caucci
  • Helps / Johnny Cyr
  • Benevolence / Stan Grab
  • If you know of physical needs within the CCV body, let someone know:
  • Contact Pastor Steve, any Elder or Peter if you know of a need within our church.
  • Peter Pecoraro:  Phone: 585-305-2470 or Email

Missons & Ministry Update:    Missions Resource Center

Hopefully you have had a chance to check out the Resource Center near the information desk.  Rodger Sloan did a great job constructing the cabinet.

As seen in the picture below, there are three main features.

As we become more familiar with how CCV is reaching out, we can be more specific and intentional in our prayers and giving for this important part of the ministry.

A Bit More About CCV:

  • CCV Giving Is Facilitated In Two Ways:
  • A Calvary Chapel distinctive is that no offering plate is passed during service.

There is a Tithe and Offering box located at the back of the sanctuary

  • AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice.
  • Facilities – We are currently leasing the community center where we worship on Sundays. There is an “Expansion Fund” for CCV folks to give toward a future permanent facility. You may give by identifying your donation for this purpose on the envelopes (Info Table) or online.
  • Visit the new and updated CCV Website:

This Weeks CCV Photos:


Lots of Fellowship Before Services  



Praise & Worship Led By CCV Worship Team


Inscribed Stones for Steve and Roz

Available at Info Desk

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