Who is Jesus?  That question is one of the most important ones we can ever ask.

It is an answer we must know in order to live in victory and fulfillment … especially during these troubled times.  All of life is centered in Him because God the Father has designed it so.  Without Jesus, nothing really makes sense because only He can give life meaning and purpose in all that swirls around us.  Only He can bring calm to the storm.  Only He can bring order to the chaos.  If you know Jesus personally, you know that only He can give you the hope for a bright and lasting future and that your knowledge of Him is being enlightened in ever-increasing measure!

Our study through the Gospel of John will enable us to know who He is in a more profound way.  Let me encourage you to read ahead in John each week delving further into who Jesus is.  Ask God to speak to you and reveal Himself to you in greater understanding.  Remember, you are who He says you are, and you are becoming who He created you to be … so stand amazed at “who He is in you.”

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