Modern technology can be both advantageous and downright scary, depending on what is done with it.  But long before we had any of our devices, God was way ahead of the game.  Most of us depend on a GPS to find our way as maps have almost become obsolete.

God’s GPS is eternal in nature and value.  In my study on the weapons of our warfare, He has shown me, what I like to call, “The 3 W’s,” His Will, His Way and His Word.

Similar to a GPS, His Will pinpoints

  • The place we need to be
  • Where we need to go … our arrival point
  • The Father’s great plan for us
  • John 3:16 … Eternal Life

His Way is:

  • Christ Jesus Himself
  • The manner through which we get there
  • John 14:6

His Word is:

  • His specific detailed description of the steps we are to take
  • Revealed by the indwelling Holy Spirit
  • John 14:6
  • John 16:17

This is God’s Plan that never fails, unlike our devices that sometimes lead us in the wrong direction.  My prayer is that you will keep your eternal, dependable, and accurate GPS on 24/7 … because it will see you all the way home!

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