From Pastor Steve’s Study:

Here is both a challenge and a reminder for this week.  First, would you take a few moments and evaluate how you interact with people as you pass by, as Jesus did?  Even during this time of being careful in social distancing, God still gives us opportunities to bless others.  Do you ever notice what is going on with someone else?  Do you stop, look and respond to those who have a need?  Do you listen to the voice of the Spirit in reaching out to others?  This period of time has allowed us to slow down and see what perhaps we do not normally see.  Will you ask the Lord to lead you in new ways of being an example of grace, of ministering to others, and when possible, bring light into the darkness. All of us have the power in Christ to do this if we will simply pay attention to those God puts in our path.  

Reminder:  As of today, Monday May 18, the governor has initiated opening allowance for inside gathering of up to 50% occupancy.  That means that we will still have plenty of room for social distancing in our building next Sunday as we reopen services.  We are committed to your comfort and safety.  As we do our part, we trust God to do what only He can do to protect and bless us.  Again, it is perfectly fine if you do not feel comfortable to return yet.

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