From Pastor Steve’s Study:

At the close of the message in John 9, I asked a very important question.  “Do you have a desire to know the heart of God?”  Well, I want to take that a step further ….  “Do you realize that God wants to reveal His heart to you?”   One of the primary reasons Jesus came to earth was to reveal His heart to us.    And Jesus said that to know Him was to know the Father because they are One. (John 14:7)

God reveals Himself to us in ever-increasing measure because He desires to relate to us … commune with us.  Our response to His revelations and His loving mercy and grace is to worship Him.  Worship is our overflowing acknowledgment for His Lordship and Advocacy in our lives.  He gave us the capacity to know His Thoughts and His Ways which are so far above ours (Isaiah 55:8-9), so that we live fulfilling our purpose in intimate relationship with Him.   

When we ask the Lord to reveal His Heart, He will show us the blindness that is in our own heart and how that blindness has hardened us to the truth.  A tenderized, humble heart will receive this revelation allowing the Holy Spirit to do His transforming work.  Our response? … Worship!  

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