From Pastor Steve’s Study:

Just as sheep need shearing so do those who know and follow the “Good Shepherd.” (John 10:11) For sheep, the pruning, cutting back, simplifying of their wool coat is essential to good health.  We as the “sheep of His pasture” also need the same as stuff builds up in our walk of faith.  When things get tangled due to our natural living in a dark and corrupt world, the Lord, in His love for us, will cut back the things that can so easily beset us.  Remember that wool is very useful both to the sheep and the shepherd.  But what starts out often as good, right, and useful can become a mess if it is not attended to regularly.  Our life can become a mess of complications.

Covid-19 has allowed God to do some needed shearing, pruning, and simplifying in us.  That often means starting over so that we can bear even more fruit.  When we understand what He is doing, we can joyfully and expectantly surrender to His merciful and gracious shears.  In the days ahead, God will give meaning to all this as He brings about significant changes in us, through us, and for us.  Get ready for what the Good Shepherd has in store. 

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