New Teaching Series


Communion Sunday

From Pastor Steve’s Study:


Good questions make us think.  Jesus was the master of asking them.  Since the questions I asked in the message yesterday were not on the screen long enough for you to write down, I want to give them to you again, for your consideration as we begin this new year.  Roz gave them to me a few weeks ago as she read 1 Corinthians 1:1 and began asking herself these questions.  I hope they impact you as much as they did me.

  1. Because I’m not called to be an APOSTLE … is there a reason to set my standards of integrity lower than an apostle?
  2. Because I am not a PROPHET … should I be satisfied with shallow insights and discernment?
  3. Because I am not a full time traveling EVANGELIST … am I off the hook to share Jesus at every opportunity?
  4. Because PREACHING is not my calling … am I allowed a lazy moral compass rather than an ethical compass?
  5. Because I am not TEACHING … can I be lax in Bible study?

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