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From Pastor Steve’s Study:

Father God,

In praying for the Body at Calvary Chapel Villages, it is with the realization that all of us have Your call upon us.  None of us can fulfill Your purposes for our lives without Your breaking, melting, molding, and filling.

So I pray that wherever we are serving you, that we are not depending on human credentials or the wisdom of men.  May we remember the truth that wisdom lies in the person of Christ Jesus and His work accomplished on the Cross.  May we serve realizing our weaknesses so that Your strength may be made visible through us … for Your purposes and good pleasure.

We are far from eloquent, so humbly, we desire that You will be unmistakably evident through the power and the demonstration of Your Spirit … the same power You are using to transform us from our selfish nature into the embodiment of the Nature of Christ.  Search us through and through ‘til our hearts become a cherished home for You.

Lord, I continue to praise You for meeting with us each time we intercede on Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings as we welcome Your presence among us.  Your ways are profoundly simple so that we can acknowledge Your presence and receive Your love and strategy for us.

Thank You, Jesus.  In Your Name I pray … Amen

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