A Written Message From Pastor Steve

Good morning! Our summer has begun. Most of our snow-birds have flown the coop. Many are already coming and going with seasonal travel. Hence our written segment today, as our videographer is out of state. This is not a time to be lax. God is working in wonderful ways and we have great expectation for what He is going to do in all of us during this slower season.

Whether you are here, away for the season, or making a shorter trip, let me encourage you to stay tuned. We will be doing more streaming than normal this summer so you can stay in touch. Here are some upcoming opportunities for participation in the CCV Summer:

1. We are continuing our Wednesday night Prayer Connection, which has been well attended and very impactful. In June it will be on the 15th and 29th.

2. In July we will be at the Temple all four Wednesday evenings. There will be a study on the subject of “Faith,” followed by individual and corporate prayer. These sessions will be recorded and viewable on Thursdays in place of Table Time.

3. CCV Women will be offering “Becoming A Biblically-Minded Woman” study every Thursday in the month of July. It will be taught by Patti DeGroot, a woman who was born again and baptized by Chuck Smith in the original Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa.

4. CCV Men’s Ministry will continue to meet every other Saturday through the summer months. The next meeting will be Saturday, June 4th, at the Standard Coffee Shop, 1552 Bella Cruz Drive at 9:30 AM.

5. Special events are being planned for staying connected this Summer … like a church-wide “Covered-Dish” meal together.

6. Brenda Brown, the new Prayer Team Overseer, will be having an after-church-lunch and training session for the Prayer Ministry Team.

7. Some of you have not yet discovered your place of volunteer service in CCV. This summer is an opportune time to pray about and seek out where you can offer your gifts and talents in service whether pertaining to “in-reach” or “out-reach.”

More details on all of these will be announced as we go.

May we make the Lord’s Joy complete by becoming like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose as we pray, worship, fellowship and serve together in CCV. The Lord bless each and every one of you by pouring out His grace, keeping you safe, and filling you with His Joy!

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