Merry Christmas CCV Family!   

Many people groups around the world celebrate Christmas.  In America, almost everyone celebrates in some way, even if they are unfamiliar with Jesus.  In our neighborhood there is a yard occupied with oversized, air-filled, cartoon characters.  There are lots of dogs, reindeer, Santas, Mickey Mouse, an airplane and a huge, blown-up sign saying, “Merry Christmas.”  But there is not one single hint of the Person’s birthday that the holiday was supposedly designed for.   

The world celebrates Christmas with many traditions and outward expressions.  But for those of us who are believers, our celebration is far more profound than traditions.  We “get to” celebrate JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF!!!  That means enjoying His Presence more than presents.  It entails feasting on the Word of God far beyond a table full of food.  The best part is the MESSIAH that we get to celebrate long after the wrapping paper is in the trash, the tree has come down, and the decorations are put away.   

So, whether you are away with family this year, home alone, or home with a house-full … may your celebration be unforgettably blessed!!!  We look forward to celebrating with you at Temple Shalom on Sunday. 

He entered into our world for a while …  

so that all might have the opportunity to enter His forever!!! 

With Warm Love & Appreciation,  

Pastor Steve and Roz

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