CCV Facility Team Commissioning

Facility Team Commissioning
Calvary Chapel Villages

The CCV Elders finalized decisions regarding the church’s needs and direction regarding property and / or facilities in the December 2022 meeting. This discussion has been ongoing over the history of CCV. More recently, and after much brainstorming discussion, prayer, and seeking God’s direction, a unanimous consensus of direction was formally adopted. A new “Facility Team” to be commissioned in January 2023 was approved. Team members are:
John Marsh (Chair); Mark Yaeger (Facilitator), Gene Tonn, Bill Salerno, Stan Grab, and Patti DeGroot.

Specific Instructions and Priorities:
At this time, CCV will not be moving in the direction of acquiring land / property for future use. The Elders are in agreement that God has always provided a worship facility as the church has grown. The present lease with the Temple has enabled CCV to build significant savings while providing CCV with a worship facility far beyond our reach to replace.

• Priority 1: Seek to maintain the relationship between CCV and the Temple. Any area that CCV can be a blessing to the Temple is of great importance. Stan Grab and Mark Yeager will seek to negotiate with the Temple for any arrangement that will strengthen the longer-term availability of the Temple for our Sunday services.

• Priority 2: The Elders want a “presence in the community” greater than the place where we worship. A search for a free-standing building that will facilitate CCV’s direction to have a base of operations from which ministry and outreach can be achieved.

o Financial: Consideration will be given to renting a space or purchasing a space. The best stewardship of the financial resources God has blessed CCV with will be the direction we will seek. CCV has the financial means to rent or purchase depending on the opportunities that will be presented by the team:
o Size: 2,000 – 3,000 SF; preference for a kitchen space
o Outfitting: Pastor Marsh has experience in this area.
o Parking: Minimum 75 – 100 people

Commissioning: The Facility Team is hereby directed to begin discussions, formalize plans, assign specific areas of responsibility, and move forward in seeking out potential facility locations to bring to the Board for consideration.

Pastor John Marsh, as a Board representative, will bring all considerations before the Board. Mark Yaeger will serve the team and Pastor Marsh in the role as calling and facilitating meetings, keeping meeting notes, on-going communication within the team and to the Board.

Each team member was selected as each brings a unique skill set ensuring the team produces the best outcome for CCV.

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