CCV Church:  Highlights this Week:

  • Raynor’s Visit a Blessing to CCV
  • Mid-Week Prayer Service
  • Newcomers Lunch Sign-up in February


From Pastor Steve’s Study:

God is so great, gracious and good.  One of the ways He shows that is through you, CCV.  After a weekend like this one, I am reminded how blessed Roz and I are to be a part of this church body.

First, is the way in which so many of your tirelessly serve beyond expectation.  To those of you who were working in various ways on Saturday in the dress outreach, then returning early yesterday to set up and handle all the details for our service and meal, my deepest thanks.

Second, is the manner in which you make visitors and new comers feel welcome enough to join in our activities.

Third, is the way you continue to grow in love for one another, enjoying one another in the unity of the Spirit.

Finally, is the increasing hunger for the word of God to be alive and active within you as we grow in being transformed to embody the nature of Christ.  It is such a comfort to know that we are building on the one foundation, Jesus Christ.

This Week’s Reminders:


  • Stan & Barbara Grabs’ Group Dinner Out
    • 5:30
    • Chefs of Napoli


  • Women’s Ministry “Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You”
    • Meets 1:00 – 2:30

§  Orinda Ward’s Home

·         2307 Nehaul Terr / Village of Hadley

·         352.633.5027 (Home) / 609.501.6136 (Cell)

  • Prayer With Pastor Steve
    • 6:30 in the Sanctuary


Parking:  The Parking Team is requesting that everyone park in the large lot to the rear of our building. Except for handicap, please do not park in front lot.  Late arrivals will be directed to enter the sanctuary from the front pool-side entrance. Signs will direct you via a covered entranceway.


  • 9:00:         Pre-Service Coffee
      • Join us in the Fellowship Room for a special time of meeting, greeting, and snacks before morning services.


  • 9:30:         Pre-service Prayer in the Church Office

  • 9:50:         Quiet Time Before Service in The Sanctuary
  • Announcements on The Big Screen
  • 10:00:       Worship Service
      • Elders and wives at the front for individual prayer following the service

Looking Ahead: 

  • Thursday, Feb 7th @ 7:00 PM Women’s Ministry “JAM NIGHT”
    • Orange Blossom Opry / $10 / We have reserved seats / Purchase from Mary Pyffer

Come join us for a fun night enjoying local talent. Jam Night is one of the most popular nights at the Opry. It’s an open mic night in which the general public is invited to come in and perform with the Orange Blossom Opry band.

  • Thursday, Feb 14th @ 6:30 / Dads For A Day
    • Mike Barber’s Home / 2605 McLin Ln / Village of Collier
    • CCV Men – Come and learn about the opportunity to mentor a boy from a local fatherless home. See Mike for a brochure and more information
  • February 18 – 20 / Merritt Island
    • Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference
    • Although called a “Pastors Conference, it is for everyone. Solid Bible teaching by other Calvary pastors along with anointed Praise and Worship make this annual Florida tradition an event not to be missed.
    • Register Online:
  • Sunday, Feb 24th @ 11:45 / CCV Newcomers Lunch
    • Hosted by Mike & Mary Barber at their home
    • If you are new to CCV, join us for an after-service lunch. Meet the Pastor and Roz, hear about the church and ask questions.
    • Sign Up at the Info Table

CARE Ministry:

Meals Needed:

Rita Callahan is undergoing treatment in Tampa and will appreciate meals on the days they travel.

  • Use the web site: 
  • In box meal recipient type Callahan
  • Password: CCV; page will load with details and schedule.

Please enter your name and meal on an open date. Please check website as time and days may change after their trip to Moffitt. If anyone has questions, please feel free to contact Marjie Setser at 856-848-7638.

Peter Pecoraro leads the CCV CARE Ministry. As our church is experiencing growth, the physical needs within our body are the highest priority in serving one another in times of sickness, loss of loved ones, and practical needs. The following people have stepped forward and are serving over six areas as follows:

  • Bereavement / Don and Carol Mordas
  • Visitation / Ollie and Carol Howell
  • Meals / Marjie Setser
  • Prayer / Paul and Karen Caucci
  • Helps / Johnny Cyr
  • Benevolence / Stan Grab
  • If you know of physical needs within the CCV body, let someone know:
  • Contact Pastor Steve, any Elder or Peter if you know of a need within our church.
  • Peter Pecoraro:  Phone: 585-305-2470 or Email

Prayer Needs

  • If you have any praise reports or prayer requests, please let Paul know or just hit “Reply” to this email.
    • 352-461-9288

Missions FocusThe Raynor Family – Church Planting in the Yucatan, Mexico

What a pleasure it was to have the Raynor family, Len, Natalie, Noah and Caleb, with us this past week; a big thank you to all those who hosted them.  They were glad to know that we care about their work for the Lord in Mexico.

The cottage meeting Friday night provided a chance for those in attendance to interact on a personal level in a small group environment.  The Raynors shared some excellent videos of their work as well as one where Noah took us on a narrated tour of interesting sights around Motul.  During discussion time, Len explained that one needy area is getting across to church members the fundamental principles of a godly marriage (see prayer request 5, below).

On Sunday, all those present got a glimpse of the joys and challenges of church planting in a foreign culture.   Len and Natalie are very thankful for the two capable, spirit-filled men, Armando and Luis, that God brought to their church.  They are able to take over for them when they are away.  The question and answer time during the meal was great!

Linda Clouse blessed the Raynors with 40 girl’s dresses to take home with them; What a wonderful way to combine CCV ministries!

Some specific prayer requests (1) that they would get much needed rest during this home assignment (2) for God to call another couple to partner with them in Motul (3) for all the challenges they will face as they move into their new building (4) for the necessary finances for that move (5) for God to challenge a few couples from CCV to come to Motul to lead a marriage seminar.  Yes you read that right – from CCV!  PRAY!


 Photos From Sunday Service

A Bit More About CCV:

  • CCV Giving Is Facilitated In Two Ways:
    • One Calvary Chapel distinctive is that no offering plate is passed during service. There is a Tithe and Offering box located at the back of the sanctuary
    • Giving online is convenient and can be set up at the CCV website
  • Facilities – We are currently leasing the community center where we worship on Sundays. There is an “Expansion Fund” for CCV folks to give toward a future permanent facility. You may give by identifying your donation for this purpose on the envelopes (info table) or online.
  • Visit the new and updated CCV Website:

Photos From Sunday Service:




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