From Pastor Steve’s Study:

Pastorally, my number one desire is your well-being, safety and continued intimate walk with Jesus.  Keeping that in mind, I have conferred with other pastors and with some of our church leaders and I am continuing to earnestly seek the Lord.  We acknowledge, there is a spike in COVID.  So, here are some things we can do.

  • We will monitor closely the situation both locally and statewide and listen respectfully to our leaders, trying to abide wherever and whenever possible.
  • If we need to close church again for a time, we will as the Spirit leads.
  • We will take everything one week at a time until further notice.
  • We are taking further measures in the sanctuary to provide more protection.  100 chairs are being removed on Saturday, going to our sister Calvary Chapel in Belleview.  This will open up much more space for distancing.
  • We encourage a greater awareness of one another so that everyone can feel comfortable if they choose to attend. 
  • We will refrain from serving corporate communion for this month.
  • It is imperative that you feel comfortable wearing a mask.
  • We will continue to provide sanitation and supplies for the building. 
  • Most importantly, we all need to be seeking the Lord’s mind on this and interceding for one another,

As always, we welcome your input and comments.  If you would like to express your heart on this matter, please, simply send a reply to this email.  Or, you can contact me personally.  We want to carefully consider and value your thoughts.

If we continue to look to the Lord Jesus, there is nothing He cannot accomplish in and through us.  One way or another, we look forward to seeing you sometime soon.  You are loved by the Lord and by us.

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