Steve and I have been on quite a journey these past 5+ weeks with covid.  It was as if our whole life was tossed high up in the air … separating every facet of it for a closer look and thorough assessment with the Lord. 

As we began to turn the corner health-wise our conversations with the Lord and with each other caused us to begin asking questions:

  • Why do we believe what we believe concerning what we face each day?
  • Why do we do what we do?
  • Why do we say what we say?
  • What honors God and what does not?
  • What in our lives is kind and what is harsh?
  • What brings us closer to Him and to each other and what separates?
  • What is selfish or useless or distracting from the purposes of God for now and for the rest of our lives?

At 75 we’re re-weighing everything as it’s still up in the air amid the re-assessing, re-awakening, and transforming power of the Holy Spirit before coming back to earth.

We kept asking more questions:

  • How have we taken care of the Temple of the Holy Spirit or abused and neglected it?
  • What needs our repentance?
  • What needs changing, healing, deliverance?
  • What is necessary?
  • What is unnecessary and needs paring down?

As our bodies have been healing, our souls have been refreshed by the Spirit.  The Consuming Fire of God’s Love has burned up some seemingly harmless preferences that never belonged in the first place … we just allowed them.  New decisions have been made accompanied by declarations of truth (Psalm 86:11) “Teach me your ways oh Lord and I will walk in Your truth.  Give me an undivided heart ❤ that I may fear Your Name” … alone!

So we’ve been following our Shepherd … paring down every facet of our lives … getting our “house” and the “Temple” in order:

  • spiritually
  • relationally
  • positionally
  • mentally
  • emotionally
  • physically
  • financially
  • materially

Each of these facets of life affecting the others …

In addition to pouring over the Scriptures, we are also reading a short book by Andrew Murray,

The Kingdom of God Is Within You … Our God is the King of His Kingdom.

Steve and I are more in love than ever … and walking a freshly de-cluttered path as our Shepherd leads us on. 

For our determined purpose is that we may know You, Lord. 

  • That we may progressively become more deeply and more intimately acquainted with You –
    • perceiving, recognizing and understanding
    • the wonders of Your person
      • more strongly and
      • more clearly. 
  • And that we may, in the same way, come to know the power outflowing from Your Resurrection which exerts itself over believers, 
  • And that we may so share in Your sufferings
    • as to be continually transformed in spirit into Your likeness
    • even to Your death,
      • in hope that, if possible, we may attain to the spiritual and moral resurrection
      • that lifts us out from among the dead even while in the body. 
      • [from Philippians 3:10-11 AMP]

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