A word of encouragement and challenge from Pastor Steve

The plan on Sunday is to continue our study in Genesis where we left off 5 weeks ago in chapter 26.  Obviously, being only halfway through, we will not finish the study this year.  God knew this when we began.  That means He has a plan for us in His Word that goes beyond our ability to understand at this moment. But that is the way He works when He wants to do something great and profound in in our midst. 

One of the things that has become so striking to me in these weeks of absence, is the stunning relevance of Genesis to our current world situation.  It may sound like a cliché, but to understand where we are, we must understand where we have come from. Together that enables us to see where we are going.

Every problem, every ugly action, every broken relationship is the direct result of the choice made by Adam and Eve in Genesis 3.  Then we see the pattern of man continually moving away from God and His intention for us.  But we also see the unfolding of God’s great love and mercy, which would result in His Son becoming flesh in order to redeem us.  Today that same love and mercy is still offered to a world that is perishing. 

Because of what began in Genesis we have a hope and a future that cannot fail. Because of God’s promises in Genesis, He is still working His plan for our best. Because of His faithfulness to the patriarchs, we still reap the benefits of that same great faithfulness.  Genesis is prophetic is every way and today we need desperately to hear that prophetic Word.  So here is our challenge.

God has much to say to us in our day. We need to listen with attentive ears.  We need to keep our hearts open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  We need to follow and obey as He guides us into all truth.  We need to allow Jesus to be Lord, no matter what unfolds before us. Herein, we shall see the glory of the Crucified and Risen Christ.

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