From Pastor Steve’s Study

All of us who love Jesus desire to bring Him glory.  It is clear that the key to doing this is obedience.  Therefore, it is necessary that we learn the skills of consistent, lifelong, natural obedience.  Yesterday as we began our study in 1 Corinthians 10, we saw two of five elements.  First, is that we should learn from the examples of others.  Secondly, we need to develop the essentials for escaping temptation.  Next week we will continue the study.  Consider the following in light of your level of maturity:

  1. What have you learned from examples in your parents, a friend, a teacher/mentor that has influenced you to do things God’s way?
  2. Have you ever expressed to them their influence in your life?
  3. Have you forgiven the negative examples in your life instead of judging those responsible?
  4. Do you have an eye for seeing temptation before it arises or do you wait to be overwhelmed by it in the moment?
  5. Have you learned to run to the cross of Jesus when tempted?  (That means the practice of laying down you own will in those times and embracing His will, no matter the cost).


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