To fast or not to fast, that is the question.  I hope all of you realize that there are other ways to fast than from food.  The most important thing is, “am I so hungry for God and desire to be found in prayer with Him, that I am willing to sacrifice something for that purpose?”  We can fast from television, games, or anything else that may distract us from what matters most.

As we enter into the Daniel Fast, may I request that you give serious thought and prayer to your part? You can modify the prescribed fast if needed.  You can do it with a change in what you eat by giving up items that are special to you but can be lived without.  You can fast from some activity.  What is most important is that we, as a church, make an extra effort during these 21 days to pray, worship, intercede and hear the voice of God.  We are in a crucial time in the life and history of our country.  We are facing major decisions as a church body.  Each of us have the opportunity to grow and enter into a deeper walk with God.  Doing this together is even more powerful.

September 30 is a great time to start as it is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  We have available a list of what the Daniel fast consists of.  Many are excited about this opportunity to experience the Daniel Fast together.  I hope you can and will join us during these 21 days.

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