2 Cor. 8,9 concentrated on three things that are characterized by liberality (having a kind and generous heart).

  • Abounding in grace in every area of our lives
  • Giving of what you have, not what you do not have
  • Giving cheerfully, (not grudgingly)

All three of these are empowered by the Holy Spirit as we live within His purpose for us, and within our spheres of influence. In this context, God blesses us with far more than enough to be prosperous and thus generously give of our time, talents, service and intercession, as well as with our financial and material possessions.  Therefore, this week please consider these three questions.

  1. Are you abounding in extending grace to others in all things?  If not, do you need to open your heart to receive God’s abounding grace towards you?
  2. Do you have an open hand to receive what God entrusts to your care and what He wants you to give away?
  3. Does it bring joy to your heart when you tithe, or give to those in need? Is it your deep desire to bring pleasure to the Lord’s heart by your giving?

These are the natural results and outflow of a broken and contrite spirit.  God bless your comings and goings, relationships and responsibilities, and especially your Secret Place times with Jesus this week!


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