John 3:16 is a simple yet profound verse, which summarizes the whole of the Gospel.  In addition, it is noteworthy because these are the words of Jesus.  This verse can be effectively used in sharing the gospel as well as in giving your own personal testimony.

Here is a summary of yesterday’s message in a way that can help you communicate its truth. There are four points to remember.

  1. The origin of our faith and salvation is … that the Almighty Eternal God loves us. (He is committed to our highest good)

  1. The foundation of our faith is a person …  Jesus Christ (a personal relationship with Him)

  1. God proved His commitment to us by giving us His Son … we respond by committing ourselves to Jesus. (believing in Him)

  1. God’s purpose is to bestow upon us eternal life … (the life and transforming nature of God Himself)

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